Thursday, December 16, 2021

Daily Notes- December 16th- Haircut Day- Dark with Rainshowers

 I think these are chocolate ganache balls with additions of sprinkles and pretzels.

I got my haircut and was the only person in the shop wearing a mask. And I said "I wear it to protect every one I love".  Period.  Full Stop. And everyone went back to minding their own business. And not making eye contact.

Dee was right.  Hallmark 2021 is different.  Kissing.  Lots of it. And well done.  Public displays of Affection.  I'm happy.  Each new movie I have watched has been a delight and my old favorites are showing up and I enjoy those as well.  It's a Great Holiday Season.--even without a decorated tree etc.

I am liking this "easy Christmas".

I finally got a cabbage for Dee's Pandemic Pantry Soup.  Which I make all the time with the addition of a large squirt of Heinz ketchup. Last time I made it- I subbed Brussel sprouts for cabbage as the cabbages were HUGE at the supermarket.  Today- still big but not huge. So, let the good times roll....I am having SOUP.

I bought a few things for Christmas Holiday Meal Prep.  Not as much.  Daughter is still on the Leaky Gut Protocol and is now re- introducing food (very slowly) into her diet to see which re-ignite the inflamation. She has lost all the pre protocol swelling.  Can wear clothing a few sizes smaller now. So will not be having the regular Christmas Eve Food- possibly not ever again.  Reminds me of my brother. Allergic to everything.

I need to turn on my Sports Show- Urban Meyer got fired overnight.  

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