Sunday, December 26, 2021

Daily Notes December 26th- Snowblower and Shovel Day

 Well, even when one doesn't bake...the baked goods seem to find their way into the house.  Yesterday I had a chocolate chip muffin.  Today Football Pizza which I make myself.  I haven't baked the Boozy Cake yet- maybe tomorrow.

And G used the snowblower and I used the shovel to clean up the mess that the snowblower leaves behind. We got rain followed by snow and then rain again so mostly we had a layer cake of hard and soft snow. Now it's all clean dry asphalt and 36 degrees.  Cross the street has a plow guy and it looks really awful over there and she's lost half the side lawn.. plow guy digs right into the grass.

Christmas was a lovely day.  Great gifts, Phone calls and the Christmas Burritos were very tasty and I got so many great books... and read one of them......delightful.  

Daughter also found a book titled "the Modern Natural Dyer" and it has a list of dye plants.  So I am making a list for me to have handy in my purse and one for daughter to carry when they go plant shopping next Spring for the Landscaping business. 

I know that Artist Supply in Portland has all the dyes for sale.  I could just visit Portland someday and buy them- it's just with reactive asthma I am afraid of the powders.  Inhaling them. Killing myself. So the plant material itself sounds safer.  The Maine plant catalog never has Madder root. Always sold out.  And then..I wonder if I actually want to get into this dye pot thing.  When I can paint the cloth the color of madder. I have a picture of the color-- I can mix color.  It's something I am good at.

The Patriots lost.  Sigh.  I had a few spoons of ganache to soothe myself.  Now a book to read.  

Six more days on my desk calendar page.  Daughter got me a new calendar- just like this one.  Perfectly DELIGHTED.  That's me.

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