Monday, December 20, 2021

Daily Notes- Monday, December 20th-- Snow Day!!!!!

 Snow yesterday- G and I got to clear the drive and walkways.  He used the snowblower and I used a shovel.  I had started to think we wouldn't get snow this year.  It's VERY bright outside with sun shine and temps going to the high 30's and even into the 40's.  Snow will become ice overnight.

Football.  I stayed up late last night and alone- the snow removal tired husband out--and watched the Saints take Brady and Tampa apart.  

One part of me felt bad- the other part just thought it was wonderful.  Brady can be beaten. And at the very end- 9 to zero- Brady smashed his Microsoft tablet and then threw it in the dumpster behind him.  And to add more battery acid to the burn- the coach that brought him down was the Saints practice team coach, I think------- everyone else had COVID. The Saints real Q-back has something wrong with his foot and he was on the sidelines screaming and yelling and so so proud of his TEAM.

Today (I think, but this week for sure) the Patriot's Practice Squad Quarterback is heading up the Washington Team. COVID is making opportunities for some bench players to SHINE. We'll see what this guy is made of.....And I like the Washington Team.  The resemble old school Patriots from years ago. Just get the job done guys.

Today the Sports shows have plenty to chew.  The Patriots epic mess of a loss and then Brady"s REALLY EPIC MESS.......I have cloth chosen, thread and a needle- ready to listen and hand sew.  Let the good times roll.......Soup is ready to eat when I get hungry.  Nothing to do but enjoy the day.  Sigh.  Happy Me!

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