Friday, December 03, 2021

Daily Notes- Number 3708. Really, I have written to you three thousand seven hundred and eight times.

 I asked husband to drive me to the library and the grocery store.  Hoping to get him to forget what he was attempting to do in the garage.  It didn't work.  He's out there losing things he won't be able to find as I type. I usually stand next to him with my hand out for the items.  I've tried not finding them but then he drives to the local big store and buys more.... but never what he went to buy.

I  hope I die first. I was looking forward to living alone. But by the Time it happens- I will be too exhausted (and angry) to care.

The Library and Grocery Store with mask was difficult.  I could feel the veins in my neck struggling with not enough oxygen.. I could also acknowledge that I wasn't really thinking as well as usual.  I had to backtrack a few times.  I had a list but kept feeling like I had gotten something I didn't need and had forgotten things I did need.  I did get two cartons of light cream for my coffee and another large container of oatmeal.  My breakfast. The Store shelves for the two things are more often than not.... bare. 

Having extras is like money in the bank so that was fine.  I got three yogurts for me.  In the event of not having anything else to eat for supper- I do get tired of grilled cheese.  Husband got a new stack of Chicken Parm dinners, yogurts with candy, bagels.  Healthy Eating.  He also got a new snack cake.  

His birthday cake was getting "boring". Oddly enough, my birthday cake never bored him and he asked for a piece every night till it was gone. 

I have a stack of books I have read in the past that have entertained me more than once and will again this week..  I have the new Nigella cookbook.  What I would like is a new Nigella cooking series on PBS.  I think Amazon bought all of the PBS back stock of cooking shows.  Prime.  I don't have it.  Because I don't know how to have it. I would like Netflix also.  But the how of it escapes me, also.  I amaze myself doing this blog each day.   

Our PBS station is fund raising selling boxed sets of tapes and discs.  Of moldy old programs. Until December 12th.  An ENTIRE MONTH. You get a free PBS Mug.

Gosh this was a depressing post.  The Heart yesterday did belong to Dee.  

And Dee has had a "worse than me day" if we are comparing.  Sitting in her sewing chair only to discover the dog had vomited on it. 

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