Sunday, December 12, 2021

Daily Notes- December 12th- Yesterday it rained and today the Sun is out and it's in the mid 40's/

 Bad lighting but it's just to let you know I have a puzzle on the table that I am working on.  For some reason husband counted the pieces and found around 15 to 20 are missing.  So....makes it more interesting. This is a small 115 piece puzzle of a squirrel.  I thought it would be a good "memory exercise" for husband- time not spent on a tablet or phone. He doesn't agree. the Spirit of Old Age- I will exercise my own brain.

Power went off at some point last night (as the storms passed thru Maine) and the computer- well, I think it might have LIKED being off and dead.  It has sluggishly returned to life-- the typing letters are appearing in a "current fashion rather than a delayed one" but it was a slog to get it going.

In reply to Connie- my daughter makes "quite a few odd recipes" (an understatement).  The Frito Bark has hot stuff in it so I didn't get any.  Melted dark chocolate, Fritos and the hot ingredient.  It's a "thing" I guess.  She is still On the Leaky Gut Protocol and is not eating any of the bark so I was gifted with left over supplies like Fritos and little square pretzels. She made something else with the pretzels. 

Snacks to fill my little one cup snack bowl.

She did stop somewhere in Portland on the way home to buy vegetable based pasta.  Lentil, Bean etc. And she ate dinner (with two friends) in a Mexican restaurant and had a big bowl of Guacamole.  That restaurant makes AMAZING Guac at table side. She's careful not to come in the house after seeing "people".

When I went out to get the Sunday Paper I found a Christmas Card from a friend I went to school with from 5th grade to high school graduation.  We still saw each other on college vacations.  Her parents wouldn't allow her to go to college. She went to work instead and lived at home.  Her father monitored our visits when I would be home for breaks and summer.  Like I was a "bad influence". I think he opened letters she wrote to me- often I never got them and she probably didn't get the ones I wrote to her.. 

I saw her many years ago- she came by my parents house to meet my 3 month old baby and bring me a gift.  I was living in Georgia she was still living at home. We did meet again- when my children were 6 and 4, I think, and she was married.  She is the caregiver for her younger sister who has had a stroke.  Her parents have passed as have mine.  I offer her my email address every year and the house phone number.  Sigh. She never uses it. She wants me to call her- I have given her my phone number many many times.  She hasn't called. I have never been a "phone caller" because I -100%- always choose a bad time and the call lasts 2 or 3 minutes and the person I call has "somewhere to be".

I have begun to suspect this is just something to say- "call me" and no one actually wants to get a phone call from me. I will WRITE, (and many women I have met on the internet thru this blog know this)- long emails and long handwritten letters. I will always WRITE to you.

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