Monday, December 27, 2021

Daily Notes- December 27th- Sunshine. Clean Driveway. Bills Paid.

 We'll be going for a ride in the car in a few minutes to return books to the library.  It would be lovely to be able to walk to the library instead.  Daughter lives close enough, in Town, to walk (but she doesn't).  I have often thought it would be nice to live in Town.  To walk places.  To take a walk and get a coffee and read a book or have a short conversation with someone. Husband doesn't do conversation. Never has.

The car, and the need to drive everywhere, creates a wall of sorts between me and the Town where I live. Years passed with me not being the friendliest of people.  Now..I like to be around people for short periods of Time.  I often think....I could manage to be around people more often and for longer periods of Time. If I practiced.  I miss the greenhouse and the many people with problems.  I had lots of great conversations with them.  It seems like forever, ago.

So..the library.  And returning books and the one puzzle we managed to finish. The one on the table is taking a very long time.  Way too busy.  And there are only a limited number of piece shapes.  So easy to put the wrong ones together.

We had football pizza last night.  Ugh...the games were brutal.  The chat today on the one show I watched- equally as brutal.  COVID has ruined everything for many of the Teams. The Patriots played poorly. It was almost like no one was coaching them.  Well, I was...but no one was listening.

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