Sunday, December 05, 2021

Daily Notes- December 5th. Cold with Surprises

 A package arrived either late yesterday evening or early this morning.  Postal Service is Strange.  From Gretchen. In New York State.  Gretchen- thank you so much for this lovely surprise.

This is the empty box (and the stacks of 1.5 inch squares) and the lovely Japanese notebook and pink pen with glitter inside.  For the Washing Machine Pages.  Special Holiday Washing Machine Pages. And into the New Year as well.

The box also contained 6 inch squares of fabric.  Instead of eating my breakfast or reading the Sunday Paper- things I look forward to....I sorted cloth.  Into piles and projects.  A very neat and tidy selection of items  -that I am sure were cluttering up my friend's sewing room.  I don't know how we started writing to each other...but I sure am glad we did start that first email conversation.  Very very glad.   

A few years ago- Connie in Cincinnati sent me a charm pack to make potholders like the ones I had admired on her blog.  I have never allowed those potholders I made --- get dirty in use- instead they keep the stacked pans from scratching each other.  I see them each time I reach for a pot or pan.

Gretchen's stacks will be welcome additions to the (unused) potholder family-- laughing.

Last December I made potholders for the neighbors on my street and friends.  As a gift that I left in their mailboxes as COVID kept us from seeing each other.  I have no ideas about this year ...yet... but the COVID this December is more deadly.  Population reduction.  The Earth tries to save itself if we won't do it ourselves. 

I watched the news conference regarding the Michigan school shooting.  Your child is having thoughts about hurting himself or others and you go out and buy a gun? And let him have it- because- no bullets????? What could possibly go wrong, huh?

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