Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Daily Notes- ICE and more ICE on all walking surfaces this morning.

 My Sports Radio Show is playing all the hilarious stuff from the year.  Dirty Christmas Songs with the dirty words bleeped out.  Last song was all bleeps- which was actually even funnier than having words. And they are re-playing calls from listeners which are so so funny. Lots of Naughty.

The snow plow is driving around spreading salt etc.  To take care of that ice.  Husband has gone out to spread sand on the front walk and steps- where he face planted one year.  Wow.... was that exciting. Lots of bruising, swelling and luckily no broken teeth.  His nose took the major hit.  

We had pizza last night.  And watched the Washington /Eagles game.   Today Gary returns to Chicken Parm and I will be having Pantry Soup.  We got mail this morning- it came late yesterday- two Christmas Cards- one from my brother and sister in law.  I am still looking for some kind of "FANTASTIC" recipe to use up the two boxes of instant vanilla pudding mix.

My Master Gardener Friend Patty left us a stack of gifts.  I got really lovely boot socks.  Soft and cozy. And a puzzle.  Husband got rub on tattoos. My library friend left him a stack of new puzzle books.

The only "event" today is husband taking his car in for an oil change and state inspection.

Temps are now 40 degrees and snow melting pretty darn quick.

I managed to get two cloth items finished- added another round of strips -- and now have them starched and basted to batting.  Now I have to wonder what to do- hand or machine quilting.  Since they are almost 100% hand sewn, I think I need to hand quilt.  I am not that great at it.  But in the ditch- who sees it?

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