Sunday, December 19, 2021

Daily Notes- December 19th- Snow overnight. Possibly 3 inches.

Well, inserting the picture a new way and now all sentences begin in the middle of the page. It's always something.  You get this image because I made soup for myself yesterday while it snowed. And my soup looks very much like this image of vegetable soup off the internet. 
Cabbage, carrot, onion, tomatoes, white beans and two potatoes. Pantry Soup - Covid 2020.

It's very tasty and good to have in the fridge.  I added a handful of small pasta shapes.

We couldn't SEE the Patriots game yesterday as it was on a streaming service and nothing we have  "streams" and especially nothing that streams FOX. But I got updates of the score as it was happening on my phone.  We lost. I will need to wait until Monday's Sports TV to find out how and why.

Instead of Football I watched a very good interpretation of A Christmas Carol. And I enjoyed it very much. And before that a Lifetime movie which was pretty interesting.  We got to see the guy naked from the waist up several times which I didn't mind in the least- he's very good looking..  I was thinking the director was just inserting that footage at random times to keep viewers interested in a rather "nothing" plot.  And the guy brought the girl the same fake Irises, twice.  One flower bent to the side.

I'm going to put on my boots and heavy black wool coat and shovel the front steps and sidewalks. Husband is out with the snowblower doing the driveway in from to of the garage. A very large space that takes forever to clear.  We have done it with shovels before- when we could breathe.


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