Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Daily Notes- December 29th. Cold with the Sun shining

 I wish I had been a better formed person when I was in college.  This is the sort of thing- not this good even in my dreams- but something simple and organic- that is what I should have been drawing. It's who I was and am even today.  But I wasn't well formed or emotionally healthy back then.  I was a mess. Just getting up on time and to the right class was EPIC ACHIEVEMENT on my part back then.

So my neighbor is home and beginning her 5 day quarantine.  She was in Boston and with New York City family members. (the NYC people tested positive).

So it goes after a indoor winter Holiday.  With eating and drinking so- no masks.

We had to shovel snow again yesterday.  This time I was exhausted and had to rest on the couch to regain the ability to breathe in and out with ease. Breathing in and out is something...not to be taken lightly these days.  Not one single thing on cable or on the TiVo that I wanted to watch.  The week between Christmas Day and New Years Day- stinks on television.

So.... I stripped the bed and did two loads of wash- turned the king sized mattress (I just spin it clockwise) and got all the fresh sheets back on and stuffed the down duvet into a fresh cover.  To say I was exhausted is to be too kind.  I felt every year of 75 when I was done.

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