Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Daily Notes- December 14th- Sunshine, Cold- People are dying.

 Chocolate Shortbread Dog Cookies (for people to eat). An Early Christmas Present so I can eat them now.  And  you can see there are also chips of chocolate in the cookies.  Spotted Dog. Thank you, Sam.

I have been having fun with the half page listing a car dealership puts into the daily paper.  Listing the selling high points of the cars on offer.  Mostly used.  For some, it's that they are "clean" or have "recent oil".  Today it was that the car came with "records" ..of what?  Accidents? Owners? Parking Tickets? 

It's fun to circle all the ones with "recent oil" or "slightly used tires".   It's nice to find this amusement in otherwise pages of not so great news.  Maine is in the dark blue of High Numbers of RECENT CASES of COVID.  Mostly North. Non-Vaccinination people who won't wear masks.  Even vaccinated people are testing positive with Delta up there. What was that great Republican Quote? "I just don't care"?

Watched an excellent Hallmark movie  yesterday after Sports and then turned to more football.  Arizona v. the Raiders. Odell had a catch.  I was wanting Arizona to win. They didn't.

No reading yesterday.  Not all that much TV either.  Mostly just sitting.  Just sitting.  Reflecting on my Life as it's been lived.  How it could have been different.  Difficult to know if ANY difference would have been better or worse.  I think I will be thinking about that for the rest of my Time Here on Earth.

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