Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Daily Notes- December 8th- Windy, cold, icy snow.

A late start here.  I went with husband to his annual doctor's visit.  Discussing memory loss is difficult. We will be trying a new medication going forward.  And we will TRY limiting screen time.  Husband can spend hours on the iPad or iPhone and turns out- these screens decrease husband's ability to remember. He is usually very very confused after the iPad. An angry confused.

But he is addicted to the screens.

I had to insert the photo in this post in a new way.  Last night I changed the batteries in the keyboard which caused the entire system to collapse and I had to do a manual shut down.  I am guessing certain functions might have eliminated themselves in the re-boot.  Like moving photos off the desktop.

I managed to snag myself a COVID Booster shot on Friday, the 10th at 5:15 pm BEFORE the malfunction..  Happy Dance.

I had been visiting the site (online) as suggested after 9 pm.  I did get the appointment by visiting at 6 pm. At my local grocery/pharmacy.  I can buy myself a celebratory piece of Tiramisu cake afterward.  The lines and congestion at the Pharmacy are now...complicating many Lives.  The store might need a security person. I have heard the f word used pretty often in the last few weeks in the line which snakes into Produce.

The Big Truck backed into our driveway yesterday with a Fruit Gift Basket from our Bankers.  I have already eaten the nuts and one orange.  The Big Truck has been delivering packages at a daily rate to the doctor and lawyer living next door.  Other houses on the street also are getting Big Truck visits.  

I don't know if it will actually snow today.  It's those tiny hard particles and not fluffy white flakes. Not Snow Globe Snow.

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