Thursday, December 09, 2021

Daily Notes- December 9th. Sunshine but 25 degrees. 1265 COVID cases in one day. One county. Unvaccinated.

 My Avocado Tree.  It's now 32 inches tall (includes the pot) and has quite a few leaves.  Every so often a few turn brown (which I don't understand).  And then it makes more new ones.  In the mid to upper right of the background is my other green houseplant.  A hot pepper plant I think.  It has gotten quite leafy but I can see it's veins- so something is not quite right.

Husband is still sleeping.  His arm hurts from his high dose flu shot yesterday morning.  He did not use his iPad all day yesterday.  I know that can't last but I think the "memory loss" wake up call made a dent in his enjoyment.

I am trying to think of a dessert item I can make for myself today.  I like cookies.  But I don't really like the mess of making cookies.  I might make pancakes.  It's not a dessert but it sort of fulfills the "want to eat something sweet" desire I have between breakfast and supper.  We're down to two meals here.  Works best for us.  Well actually, I think it's breakfast, lunch and dessert for husband but I don't buy dessert for myself.

I have this quote on my desktop "without the cacophony, the balance of the past and all it contained seemed to outweigh the future, my mind full of the things said and not said, done and not done.  I no longer understand how to move forward."

Spring will arrive.  I am counting the days.

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Kim Carney said...

I no longer understand how to move forward

Retirement has done a weird thing to my brain. I no longer feel I need to move forward, but I am not if it is retirement, covid, complete confusion in my household. My days don't seem to be days anymore ... just hours on a clock. I am not complaining, but trying to make sense of what is going on.

Many of my friends are talking about the same feeling ... feeling very isolated, but choosing isolation over being with other human beings. I have spoken to many people about this. I am usually an introvert, but not as I am now.

I live in house full of people and animals and still a little isolated. Weird, right?