Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Daily Notes- December 7th- Pearl Harbor Day. I think.

 Reminds me of Christmas in Germany.  Bees Wax candles.  

So...The Patriots Won.  In 50 mile per hour wind.  At the very end of the game- with a chance the Bills might score- our power went off. Yep- you can't even know how that is here in Maine- Total darkness and then pop it all came back on.  I told husband to go turn on the non TiVo tv in the dining room.  See what happened as I waited for the TiVo to reassemble itself- it takes longer and longer or I am getting to be less patient.

We WON!!!!  Life is Good.

Also in the Life Is Good Column- daughter got her COVID Booster shot this morning at a Walgreens the next Town over. (where no masks are worn and no vaccine is needed)  I am now the only family member with No Booster Shot.  

I am not that worried.  I am ALWAYS MASKED and washing my hands etc.  I also do not go into any stores other than the grocery.  Which is large enough that I can maintain distances. I back up a lot. Leaving aisles that seem too crowded etc. My grocery has alcohol wipes available and I wipe down my cart.  My hands.  I do not wipe down my groceries.  I know several people who blog that did that.  I touch everything and then wash my hands really well.  No face touching.  Ever.

So.....I have written checks for the two bills that arrived.  I set myself up to do the Christmas Cards but then decided I wanted to continue reading a very good book by a Rom Com author named Sara Desai. In this one the love interest guy is a combat veteran with emotional problems and the gal is a lawyer with a very WILD streak.  This is book three.  Marriage Game, Dating Plan and last Singles Table.  

All the same extended family and friends. This book begins with a wedding party paint ball outing and our girl shoots the veteran in the ass with the paint ball gun- up close and personal- because she wanted to get the flag...... before he did. He's been seated (not comfortably)  next to her at the Singles Table at the wedding and she's spilled food and drink on him...of course- this being a Desai Rom Com- this guy hasn't a chance in Hell.  Read them in Order.  Or it ruins the Fun- not much but in order works better.  Didn't and was confused by the multitude of Aunties.

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