Friday, December 17, 2021

Daily Notes- Good Morning. Promised snowstorm can't actually happen at 50 degrees.

 This small simple kitchen reminds me of my grandmother's small house.  Just enough room for a small table-my daughter has it in her house- and a few mismatched chairs.   On one visit we made strudel. And stretched the dough so thin with the backs of our hands- you could read through it.  Lovely apple strudel.

The weather was supposed to be wintery but I went out to get the morning paper and it's very warm- no coat or jacket needed.  And the driveway was wet- overnight rain. Global Warming is real in 2021 here in Maine where we used to get 48 inches of snow overnight- many times in each Winter.  No more of that.

Terrible Thursday Football.  The early injury.  We watched even though I have no interest in either team. The game was sloppy. Mismanaged.

I have a new 500 piece puzzle on the table.  We are picking out the outside edges.  To get started. Husband finished up the 100 piece children's puzzle.  I didn't get to do much beyond the edge pieces.  It's like that here.  Disinterest in something until I show interest and then-  the puzzle I  had hoped to add to my activities- no longer mine.  Perhaps that is how I should go forward with this memory loss thing.  Show interest in my own activities to get him to lessen the use of screens and then he'll take over my projects.  Screens which impair his cognitive skills and short term memory.   No new memories- so long term is wasted as well.

Let's imagine what the iPad is doing to young children. And their attention spans. What will their adult lives be like.  Who will change their diapers?

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Kim Carney said...

I should have just posted this here first.

I guess I should post the Christmas trees. Do NOT know what is wrong with me with BLAH HUMBUG. D-I-L has taken over putting up trees and I let her do it her way, so it does not really feel like mine right now. PLUS I hate decorating over a dirty house, which is the constant state of ours. I think only clean houses deserve flowers or decorations ;) But the grandkids love it, so there you are! All worth it. You are right, I think I quit taking photos because the house looks like a tornado blew through a toy store, all the time. I am tired of picking it all up.

I only catch the peripheral of football games and commentary. David keeps it on as long as he can and I don't complain, God knows he lets me mindlessly listen to true crime on the ID channel. If I get so fed up with trump and the news, I turn to what family member killed what family member for diversion. Sometimes he just yells out, "I would rather listen about trump and the crime family than this, then I know he has had enough".

I hate that you don't have an animal to cuddle with you! As much as I am tired of scooping dog poo from the bathroom during the rainy season, I do love having them snoring at my feet. Although, we have vowed when they are gone, no more.

The grandkids are addicted to screens and I do worry what it does to them.