Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Daily Notes- December 21st- First Day of Winter. Cold and White outside.

 So here we are- First Day of Winter.  The Long Slog until March or April.  Sometime Spring is Late showing up here in Maine.   I plan to start seeds in my recycled milk jugs on the back deck the first week of January..  Mostly Marigolds.  They were very much appreciated last summer.  By me.

I have been thinking of growing my tomato plants in the compost bins this coming growing season.  It's sunny there.  Soil is deep.  Watering might be a problem as I will need to run a hose over there or carry water.  I didn't notice ANY pollination of flowers on any vegetables in the fenced garden the past two years. No blueberries.  Very little rhubarb.  I worked so hard over so many years to get that raised bed fenced area going.  It was great for many wonderful years.  Abundance. And now Old Age.

I have to admit- there are fewer and fewer insects flying about.  And they do the work of pollination. I have hand pollinated in my younger years.  Now- it's too hard for me to be out there everyday.

Sports Boston was dull and irritating.  The evening Football games- like watching high school football in August.  No one knowing what the heck they are doing.  And getting hurt.  When Omicron and Delta teamed up- everything should have been cancelled.  Or delayed.  I did hand sewing. My eyes got blurry.

Here in Maine the hospital numbers keep going up and up and the UNMASKED population stays unmasked.  I want to move to a State with good numbers and a population that stays masked.. I know- that's "crazy talk".   No State has good numbers and a population that stays masked.

I took inventory of the pantry and the freezer and fridge.  Seeing what's available for our Dining Pleasure. Today we'll be having Pizza with, hopefully, the Washington Football Game and the Patriots Practice Team Quarterback (with not even 7 days notice) leading the Team.  What could go wrong??? I guess it should be What Could Possibly Go Right.  I have a good feeling about this.  Washington has spunk.

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