Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Daily Notes- December 15th. Hospitals here in Maine are overwhelmed. Unvaccinated people.

 My picture file situation continues to.....morph as the days go by.  Let's hope I can make it to the end of 2021.  That, I think is possibly doable.

After will most likely just be word pictures here- Like the Washing Machine Pages.  And..well, that will have to be fine. I don't actually know, anymore, how many of you read these Notes.  At one Time I had "stats" and the numbers were quite astonishing.  But that was before everyone had a blog.

I removed images from the files yesterday or the day before- tidy work- ones I had already used and added a few more to the desktop.  This one just "showed up" and I had not seen it in the file before.  But I like it very much.  I like saturated color.  

I actually did some really good work when we had the Collage Challenge everyday before COVID- so more than 2 years ago..  Really good work.  It was an incentive to make ART each day.  And it felt so so GOOD.  

An extension catalog came in the mail last week.  Art classes the next Town over. Brand new high school just opened and it seems they included a fully functional Art Studio.  Printmaking. Painting, Pottery wheels.  Kiln.  These are things I had in college but wasn't mature enough to make proper use of.  I had too many mental health issues (severe depression). I couldn't get past my own problems to see any Future.

So that booklet sits.  And I am looking at it each day. MECA- Maine College of Art is in Portland. I don't know how I would get there. I actually would like to enroll.  And the local private college here in my Town has a well put together Art Program with Studio Art- I have been tempted to ask......they sometimes allow local residents to audit classes.

I'm not who I was back in my college days.  So afraid. So unsure.  Now...I guess I just have to spread my wings and give flying a try out...for the first time.


Deb Lacativa said...

Please give yourself this grace. Do it. Sign up. FLY!

MariMo said...

Please sign up - I am so convinced that you'll love it. I stopped painting/drawing in 2009 and was overwhelmed when one of the participants asked me in November 2020, if I would like to join again. At the moment "Urban Sketching", sometimes live like in October when we had a Rhine Tour, following Victor Hugo's footsteps along the Rhine river, but mostly per ZOOM conference call because of lockdown. It was like a miracle to reconnect. Please sign up!
And please continue your wonderful blog, I'm a regular reader - please keep it going.