Saturday, December 04, 2021

Daily Notes- Saturday December 4th. It's COLD but Sunny.

 I took a picture!!!!!  This is my homemade Advent Calendar.  I bought Dark Chocolate Squares to put in the pockets but haven't done it yet.  The weight of the candy will possibly- probably- make the calendar fall off the wall.  It's already number 4.  I'm Late. Already Late.

I made Stanley Tucci's family vegetable pasta sauce yesterday.  Husband was standing by the stove with his bowl and then I explained what it was I had cooked.  And he walked away.  Vegetables.  He doesn't eat them.  Mushrooms on Pizza sometimes.  Onions.  Carrots in Chicken Soup.  That's it.

I had about two small handfuls of chocolate animal crackers left in a bag and half a small tub of Cool Whip in the fridge not used on the Pumpkin Pie - so I dumped the cookies into the Cool Whip, stirred them around and in a day or two- the time it will take for the Cool Whip to soften the cookies- I will have dessert.

I am trying a new routine here. Titled ::: Feeding Myself.  Remember I made Pantry Soup before Thanksgiving--Twice. And then for Thanksgiving all the Vegetable Side Dishes But No Turkey.  Now Vegetable Pasta Sauce.  I should call it Vegetable Drawer Pasta.  I used two organic fat carrots, celery with leaves and a nice onion plus a large can of crushed Italian tomatoes (from Germany) Read the cans- so much strange info.. All the vegetables were finely diced using one of my less used but very sharp German knives.  tiny cubes.  Very precise. I enjoy food prep.  Occasionally.

I am re-reading Shipped.  Angie Hockman.  While trying on wet suits on the Cruise Ship for the afternoon outing in the ocean-  the two travel executives (main characters trying to get the same new job) eye each other.  The young woman has on a bikini and the guy is looking at her and she mouths "human resources".  So he pulls off his tee shirt and while she looks he also mouths "human resources". I laughed out loud.  The young woman has already puked on one of the passengers.  Food poisoning.  Airplane sandwich. 

 Next up, I think the woman actually drowns while snorkeling in her wet suit.  Panic Attack. She's saved but....just. Her sister had a milk shake with local ice cubes and is now recovering from - unclean water used to make the ice. Puking and Pooping.

And, as a person who has BEEN on a cruise ship for a true.  So true. That week seemed like a ETERNITY and I will NEVER do it again unless I bring a second suitcase FULL of books.  And cloth to sew. People are actually drawn to someone sewing--like moths to a flame.  Especially appliqué. And they always want to touch the cloth.


Deb Lacativa said...

Isn't it interesting? I sat in the waiting room of the tire place stitching. You know my work. Non-representational in the extreme. Two men sat a few chairs away and watched, their phones forgotten in their hands. A third couldn't sit still and walked the room in circles slowing as he passed by me trying to figure out what sorcery I was up to. It was hilarious.

Joanne S said...

Once.... I began a conversation with a man watching me sew- I handed him the cloth. He ran his finger tips over the pieces- over and over again. And then, quite reluctantly he gave the cloth back. I really should bring cloth with me -even as I wait for a flue or COVID shot. I should. I will.