Monday, December 02, 2019

Daily Notes- December Second


I was working on this one Saturday and then again yesterday (with reading glasses on).  I was going to write that it isn't this crooked but then I went to check- it is.  Way more bias edges than usual for me.  Also you may notice a nose and eye up there.  Just showed up so I outlined it lightly.  A small scrap from the Dyeworks of Deb L.  I appliquéd the thin strip of green across the work. I may appliqué more lines or squares on the surface of this one.  Or not.

The green and the brown are hand dyed cloth I inherited from my friend when she passed suddenly many years ago.  There is also lavender which didn't play well with this piece.

These pieces of cloth sewn to each other are nothing more than that-  well I try to make them look nice together.  I don't seem to have any stories. I look at them and they have nothing to say to me.  I don't know what to do about this- but probably there is nothing to do about it.  They might just be enough as they are.

I went to bed early.  I was tired and felt dizzy.  No real symptoms.  So I went to bed. Slept all night and now I am here after reading the newspaper and eating my oatmeal.  There was snow overnight.  Half an inch.  Just covering the walks and drive but the grass is still visible.  The snowplow came down the street when I was walking down the drive to get the morning paper.

I am having difficulty with Technology.  My iPhone no longer can share your blogs with me.  It just says it can't find you.  And iPhone service which, before, was everywhere in the house, is now limited to the windowsill in the bathroom.  I can still take and send photos.  Texts.  But "incoming" is limited to paid ads and other feeds.  I did nothing different from one day to the next.

G has misplaced something and spent most of yesterday going around the house looking for it.  It wasn't in any of the places he looked the first time.  So, I lost interest in his search and told him to go out and buy a new one.  He then asked me several times what he was supposed to go out and buy.  So, dear Readers he will be of no help with the iPhone problems.

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