Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Daily Notes- December 11


This appeared on the blog- years ago.  I was looking for something in the bookcase and found old art work. (I was looking for old paper for Acey's book making project in January)  I liked seeing the series again and thought you might also since the demographics of who reads this blog has changed in the years I have been posting.  I have a pomegranate in the fridge- I was planning to do another series of drawings or paintings.  Finding this old series was a nice surprise.

When I find these things- evidence that I  actually have some natural talent- I know I should exercise that talent.  Like G doing his stretching exercises each day. I should be doing my art stretching exercises each day.  You'll see older work here in the next days and I hope, new work.  Because as we age we change and what my younger self was interested in- is not what I am interested in right now. We'll both find out if the 2019 Poms are the same or different from the older Poms.

The 60 degree weather of yesterday (no coats needed), rain and green lawn has now transformed into cold and dark.  A light dusting of frost overnight.   I wrote quite a bit in the Washing Machine Pages as I had three loads of wash to do.  Small loads but they take as much time as large ones.  I am kind of enjoying the time spent writing and listening to the machine.  Humans.  Strange.

G and I went out for Chinese yesterday- late lunch time and not many customers.  The lovely woman serving us had help from her "just turned three" daughter who took great joy in bringing us napkins, the take away box for leftovers and our fortune cookies (three trips). She would bow and give us her offering and then bow again and say thank you thank you. Her mother looking on with great love.  An ordinary lunch made very special.

I don't know what the day holds.  G has his therapy this morning and then a floral delivery way out almost into the Atlantic Ocean. When he returns........we have talked about going to buy a Christmas Tree.  This might be the last good day for that if it really does plan to snow later today and into the night.

Until G gets back home-- it could be hours yet-- I am getting the new Pom out of the fridge and deciding what medium to use.  Pencil. graphite, collage, paint, watercolor, colored pencils.  I have all of it close by.  The first few will be awful.

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Anonymous said...

looking forward to that new piece of art work! The description of the owners little girl at the restaurant was precious.