Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Daily Notes- December 31st


My daughter gave me this bracelet for Christmas a few days ago. With the single Good Luck charm. I had the artist charm on the bracelet I had gotten from my freshman roommate in college.  And had G move it to the new bracelet.  And yesterday- all that finding- got me to think that there might be more charms.  And there were.  In the bead drawer.  I had selected these two.  The heart because I always love the heart.  And the dog because I have always loved my dog.  I didn't do anything with them. But I guess it was okay- they waited until the right Time.  G will attach them for me.

G is having a problem with the snowblower.  It worked last night.  Not working now. Service tech says let it run for awhile- might be iced up (frozen) from last night's work.  G does not want to resort to the shovels and seeing the 12 inches of snow- I don't think two people in their 70's have any reason to be shoveling snow.  We might have to call and see if someone can come plow our driveway.

I am writing now- before moving on to the Washing Machine and the Pages I write while watching over the machine rinse cycle.  D we are getting new ones.  Just like the old ones.  They still make this very simple, backward model.  I love that they do.

I found exactly one photocopy sheet of the Target circles.  Copied off a plastic bag of theirs.  One. One is all I needed as I can now print more copies and color them with my Sharpie pens.  In colors to work with the theme of my book.  Earth.   The Attic always provides.  It just sometimes makes me go searching many many times before it shows me what I need.

The Time for the alphabet eraser stamps might not be now.

 I was reading my journal from 2010- On New Year's Day 2011 the numbers were 1-1-11.   Very rare. In 2022 we will have 2-2-22.  In 2033- 3- 3- 33.   In 2044- 4- 4- 44.  I will most likely be alive for 2-2-22 and 3-3-33 (iffy) but not the rest of them.   The previous 1-1-11 was in 1911.

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