Thursday, December 19, 2019

Daily Notes- December 19th


A pencil drawing- perhaps not really easy to see-  But I think Jude of Spirit Cloth asked us to draw a spirit animal and I couldn't think of one and this came to me instead.  A spirit child.  With my large ears and not very much hair.  My nose was smaller back then.

A Tree Removal company has been across the street most of the morning.  Taking down and grinding up old dead and broken trees.  So the others nearby will have a better chance to grow old in a healthy manner.  The home owner is very very sad about the trees.  But a few were going to drop on her house in the next heavy storm.  Or her car.  Or the power lines.  She also has a rabid fox under her back deck.  Which needs to be dealt with.  Not a very Merry Christmas for her.

It's very cold in the house.  We had wind and blowing snow last night. It's 17 degrees at noon.  The snow on the ground is mostly ice pellets.  Not soft flakes.


I got all my handmade little Santa Suit ornaments on the tree yesterday.   I made these a few years ago the week before Christmas.  I had seen an ornament like this in a magazine picture and then found where they were being sold.  $10.  Each.  So I made 10 with leftover felt from the Magic Attic. I did have to buy a small package of the tiny pom poms.    These suits are about 5 inches tall.

Note: Dee these little suits would look adorable on your Mice!!

My book- I have procrastinated about reading it- is due on the 21st so I need to get started on it.  So no more arts and crafts for a few days.  My left eye is inflamed and dry.  I think it's due to the evergreen tree.  No rash last year because no tree.  My eye feels very "sticky" and I have an intense urge to rub it.  So I will attempt to read my book.  Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

cute pic of little you, and the santa suit is adorable. Good luck with the eye that bothers you. My eyes are dry and bothering me today also.