Monday, December 16, 2019

Daily Notes- December 16


My plastic plate used for watercolors and mixing.  I need to wash it off and begin again with clean colors.  I cover the paint blobs with plastic wrap when I finish working.  So they stay "moist"... but hard as a rock watercolor paints will re-wet, it just takes more effort and I don't think the brushes appreciate the extra work.

We had a morning meeting with the bankers today and ....because our banker said "snow tomorrow and the next day" we decided to drive south to Portland and the Art Supply.  And it was a good thing. We also had lunch at the bakery next door.  I bought one of each type of 8 by 8 paper block.  All kinds of surfaces.  And I got two full sets of the oil pastels from Sennelier.  Made in France.  The woodsy collection and the portrait collection.  Creamy oil crayons.  Now to find the others in the Attic. Now I have to wait for Christmas to try them out.  I also got some Japanese ink pens with brush tips in shades of black to light gray.  And one pound of dye Alum for $6.83 to mordant cloth.  Now I can use the tiny jar of grocery alum to make snickerdoodle cookies.

On the way home we stopped at Cuddledown in Freeport and I asked if they had a king sized Australian wool mattress pad.  No.  But one is now ordered and should be on Thursday's truck.  And a Merry Christmas!!  Australian wool is so lovely to sleep on- cool in Summer and so toasty warm in winter. Makes no sense but it happens.

When we got home I gave the Christmas Tree water and food.  It is taking up a lot of water each day. and I used the oil sponge to give my purse a good conditioning.  It was looking sad and dull.  Now it looks shiny and supple.  Like an oily old lady.

Dark already at 4:14.  I just got up to turn on the reindeer and the timer just turned on the wreaths.

Our banker mentioned that there are special bags that can be purchased if one is cremated and then the persons ashes can be mixed into the soils in the bag and a tree planted in the bag  (the bag would be placed in a hole dug in the Earth and it would compost there to add more minerals.).  I love this idea.  I will research it and add this to the Estate Plan Binder.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that a strange thing for a banker to talk about??? I dunno, maybe not : )I like the idea 'though.

me-ml said...

me three . thanks this i've not heard of. seems like anyone would prefer be a tree rather than a bunch of ashes!
and congratulations on your shopping haul! it all sounds divine. Exciting!