Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Daily Notes- December 24th


I have the filling for the cheese pierogi (a Polish filled dumpling) mixed and two balls of noodle dough ready to roll.  Then it will be filling, pinching the edges of the little rectangles and then when all are done- boiling them and then taking the large plate over to daughter's house.  She comes home to find Christmas Eve dinner ready in the fridge.

Then I will begin work on the ones G and I like- the potato and onion filling and the fried sauerkraut filling.  Last year I tried something new and made an epic mess of all of it.  Our favorite food of the year went into the garbage can.  I am going back to the standard, boring recipe and fingers crossed it all works out.

My grandmother made them.  My mother learned how and made them- and now I do.  And we aren't Polish.  Well, G is...but his mother made something different.  The filling of a dry cheese or ground cooked meats.  G's cousins make the pork and beef pierogi.  For tonight.

On that note I must get back to work.  The porch freezer stopped working and  yesterday all the fruit from the garden I had saved- all gone.  Now compost.  For the second or third time in five years.  So, I am not saving fruit in the freezer anymore- it gets canned or it gets eaten fresh.  The cleaning and all that mess...took quite a bit of Time yesterday.  Only one bag of rhubarb could be saved.  I cooked it down with sugar to make a sauce to eat with yogurt. No time or need for a rhubarb pie.  My favorite.

Happy Holiday (whichever one is meaningful to you)--I'll be back here on the 26th.

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