Friday, December 13, 2019

Daily Notes- December 13


From the old days- a simple line drawing in black ink.  I admit that no painting or drawing was made yesterday as It was sugar cookie baking day and I had almost too much fun with it. This year.  Last year was my first try and I worried that I had chosen a bad dough recipe and then was uncertain about the frosting.  This Time around.......I just "baked cookies".


As you can see G likes lots of frosting and candy on his cookies.  I was very generous with the sprinkles until I remembered the birthday cake tiny M&M's.  Then I was generous with both.


The stars were made with the only good cookie cutter I found all of the Sunday's I was visiting Goodwill.  And it's a big star so got lots of yellow frosting and lots of sprinkles.


This came in the mail yesterday.  With a check.  It's from when G owned two McDonald's restaurants and the name of the guy in jail is written in the letter but G can't remember any incident that would have generated restitution as G usually tried to find out why the person doing bad things was doing bad things.  Counseling them. Mentoring. All it all-- a very strange thing to get in the mail.

G is eating breakfast and we both enjoyed Trump's name calling of Greta Thunberg as Person of the Year in Time Magazine (morning paper).  Trump thinks it should be HIM every single year.  G also has to get going as he was called in to do two floral deliveries.   While I baked cookies yesterday, G fussed with multiple lines of Christmas lights that had a great number of bulbs that were not working.   Hours.  When I had had enough, I packed all of them into a garbage bag and said- we can buy new ones.  That's when we found the new ones.  Right next to the back door.

As a way of making him "feel better" I allowed him to watch two long episodes of Doctor Pimple Popper on the big tv.  I listen with my eyes closed.  any time I have opened my eyes I have been sorry I did.


DianeN said...

Your cookies look marvelous. I wish I lived next door to you so I could snitch a few. Ha ha!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Those cookies - amazing! Just amazing!