Sunday, December 08, 2019

Daily Notes- December 8


A Swedish crystal jar.  A watch that I love and have worn for years and years. It even survived a trip thru the washing machine back in Germany- only loss was the blue sapphire which Cartier replaced free of charge. The Alligator band was good for another ten years or more and then replaced with a plain leather one.  A stretchy string of white beads.  And a second string of rolled paper beads I made myself alternating with a few small orange wood beads.  My dresser top.

 We (G and I) went out after reading the Sunday paper to deliver flowers to someone who had just gotten home after having surgery.  What a long, long drive that was.  Very curvy road with blind spots.  I can't imagine locating a senior living grouping out on a road like that. I'd never be comfortable driving to and from Town.

I asked if we could stop and visit Goodwill.  It had been many weeks since my last visit.  I bought one very old damask napkin.  For one dollar.  That was it.  All the items I had donated while clearing out the cabinet- none were on the shelves except for a ceramic gingerbread man "plate".  I guess no buyer could imagine how to use it anymore than I could.  The gingerbread man was three dimensional with three small "serving" sized sections in his middle body region.  Candy?

We watched Hallmark Movies yesterday.  Well, I did- G watched Dr Pimple Popper.  I liked all three but my favorite of the Hallmark movies was the one where a woman was teaching a Jewish guy about Christmas traditions and he was teaching her Jewish customs.  The last one I watched was about a Christmas choir concert and by the end I had tears running down my face.  If I say more- I'll spoil the ending for you. A good evening but I don't think we had any supper. But I did have a big bowl of carrot sticks and (a smaller bowl) of hummus.  Yum.

Today is Pizza and Football.

Tomorrow and the next day we are having temps in the high 40's- 50's and steady rain for 48 hours. So all the nice snow will be gone. I have two excellent books I need to read.  Good for a rainy days.
We still don't have a Christmas Tree- but I think neither of us is ready for one yet.

We passed a black Lab walking with his person on the way home.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

I love the pictures of things in your home. I feel like I've come for a visit.