Saturday, December 28, 2019

Daily Notes- December 28


Yesterday's painting experiment- first the opaque watercolors in lines of color top to bottom.  Then some soft black drawing pencil and finally white chalk ink.  Then I rubbed my finger over all of it and something unexpected happened with the barely visible white ink-- it became visible.  This looks to me like a cross section of the Earth's surface.  A bit lighter than seen in this photo- which was not taken in natural light. I never got around to the picture taking and blogging until it was well and truly dark.

I was up in the attic for a very LONG time this morning and afternoon looking for those eraser carved alphabet stamps again today.  I LOVE them and wanted to use them in the collage book project in January.  I opened every container for a second day in a row.  I never came across any stamp pads either.  They were in the same box.  I didn't cry but it was close.

I took the rest of the day to repair my red sweater.  Hole under the arm.  So I thought I needed a patch.  Nothing red at Goodwill- I have been looking for a donor sweater.  So I decided to remove the useless chest pocket.  Well, big mistake.  It didn't come off without me making several holes.  And the kicker- the underarm hole? Fixed it with just sewing with red wool yarn (another visit to Attic).  Never did need the pocket.

On my very long visit to the Attic I found lots of handmade paper to use in my book project.  Some was a gift from a friend in New York and the rest was purchased at the Artist Supply.  I also found a large pile of magazine tear-outs to use to collage the book I am making. Also found daily postcards from son's first visit to Japan in 1991.

And more wondrous than anything- I found the original pictures and my line drawing used to paint with thickened Procion dyes on prepared white cloth.  The details would have been machine stitched in colored threads.  I never got that far.  And then the whole project got lost.  I moved my quilting stuff too many times.  One room to another, upstairs and downstairs.  Lost in Transition.  But I have it now and I am putting it in the closet in my very tiny sewing room.  Free Motion Quilting.  Have not done any of that in 15 years or more.  I don't even know how to put the feed dogs down anymore.  But I have the thread- a box of lovely colors.

I opened the cloth and it took my breath away.  Not professional or anything-- but for a FIRST time attempt in a class?  With dyes I had never used before?   I just could not believe it.  All of it- the line drawing three times the size of the original used under the cloth to transfer the lines.  I just stood and looked at it and touched it and marveled- at how brave I was to even try.

I found the milk paints. Someone I know is doing something with milk paint and I need to find out what and do some of that also.

I am crossing my fingers that: the eraser stamps show up.  That the Baltimore ribbon circle with flowers shows up (it used to sit by the wall in the dining room- until very recently).  And I just realized that I had found the roll of paper with the border design for a Baltimore quilt half finished- but I didn't stuff it into my pocket.  Damn.  I have to go back up tomorrow.  I wanted to tuck it into the box of parts.  So...all of it could get lost together.


Life Scraps and Patches said...

I enjoy the posts about your attic so much. It has grown to such a magical space in my mind, filled with art and art to come

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

first...i just LOVE !!!! the drawing...LOVE IT!!!!

and then all the full of WONDER things are for you
right now..just seem to be OPENING UP!
Look so forward to Acey's workshop with you!!!!!