Friday, December 27, 2019

Daily Notes- December 27


Playing with my new found (Attic) paints.  Opaque watercolors.  I was having so much fun I dipped my brush into my coffee instead of the wash water.  Things got a bit dark when I started mixing the colors together.  I don't like any of them in their original tones.  Too Crayola basic 8. This is a basic eight set of opaque watercolors plus black and white.

That mixing went well (opposites/ adjacent) until I discovered adding white and then adding the black and then just mixing.  The basic 8 are still visible. But more as a suggestion.  I am looking forward to doing a bit more with the paint on the mixing plate in just a few minutes.

G was up and out early for the 45 minute drive to his doctor's appointment. But he's back now with his "candy" coffee and is finishing reading the paper.  Also the mail he (we) forgot to get last night. In the winter our mail is delivered after dark.  Very much after dark. Between 4 and 7pm. G got an approval letter from our Medicare provider for another 16 physical therapy appointments for his back.  G loves having medical appointments.  I do not.

I am noticing my glasses need cleaning.  G stopped at the library and picked up books.  I still have one to read before the 29th.  Two days.  Doable. I have my annual eye examine soon and I think I will be getting a new lens prescription.  Needs tweaking.

Watched the third night of the Great American Baking Show and these bakers are doing a really crappy job of it.  One woman had more cookie dough on her shoes that anywhere else.  And the two judges were having a difficult time finding anything positive to say.

 Prior to the baking we watched a marathon of Dr Pimple Popper.  Well, G watches and I watch until the surgery begins.  Then I stop looking.

I seem to have another two loads of washing machine work to do today.  And that book to read before it's due date.  And I think I really want to see the new Little Women movie.  It's different because all the Little Women are adults in this version. Grown up.  With lives and families of their own.  And because it looks quite beautiful.  I like movies that look beautiful.

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