Saturday, December 01, 2018

Daily Notes- On The First Day of December

A very fine mug.  While looking for a clone to the poppy flowers mug I broke, I found this charming mug.  Not Christmassy but lovely  and singular for this first day of December.

The sun is shining here in Maine and temps are 40.  Snow is coming.  The weather map show the movement of BLUE which is freezing temps and snow.  We have no tree--and I am really tempted NOT to have a tree this year.  To just have the Gingerbread dollhouse, the Christmas Train set, and some lights strung up along the crown molding.  Perhaps a wreath.  Handmade from cuttings in the woods behind the house.  Or even a strange, odd tree cut from the woods (full of strange evergreens growing wild).

It's not that I have no Christmas's just that the "same old thing" seems sad this year.

Is this what happens as we grow older and have no friends?

Yes, yes...I know I have all of you and I treasure this small section of my day where I sit here and write a letter to you.  Yes, not a "post" but a letter.   You know what I mean.

I was reading a blog it's in my sidebar  Pattern....  and the author of that blog has made a Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo Game to amuse herself.  You mark the repetitive plot fabrications as they occur on your Bingo Card.   Mechanical Failure that leads to a Meeting.  Broken down cars, cars driven into snowbanks, broken down trucks.   Oh, I forgot stuck ski lifts.  I am making a list and then might make cards.  But, actually, making the list has  amused me far more than I thought it would.  It's two pages long.  Also, EVERY Hallmark movie has cookie baking and decorating, ice skating, and a visit to the local tree farm to buy a tree and run into the guy you hate but end up getting engaged to in a week or so.

It's only the first day of Christmas.  And my Advent Calendar is up and ready for my slip of paper with what I am thankful for-----and it's YOU!!!!  All of YOU!!!!

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Annie said...

Ooooh, I love that mug, is it yours or an internet pic?