Friday, November 30, 2018

Daily Notes- November Thirty

Another fabric swatch that interested me.  Botanical Chickens.  No---that's not the real name.  It's what I call it.   This might be the last fabric image I put on the blog. Unless another one catches my eye.   I did troll around the internet looking for mugs with poppies.  None were "my mug" but only one was cute enough to snag the image for the blog.  You'll see it tomorrow.

I have some of the Indian print fabric (skirt) sitting in the steaming pot with brown onion skins.  It gives it a more earthy base color that I am liking.  I did a test with a small piece in the small saucepan and then moved onto a larger bath, more onion skins and more cloth.  Left it overnight.

The lime green linen scrap is also ready for it's pressing with the iron and then test with the other fabric squares.  An audition.  I have been stalled on the squares project as I had a limited amount of the lime green and.....well, with limited numbers of lime squares, working out the spacing is hard.  Will I need one later?  Do I save some for later.  How many.  Or do I just stop using them and move on.  Will the project suffer because I am "out" of an important color????  Right now the project is still very small.  If it gets large then I need a certain amount of the lime squares as it grows.

The first project with squares--which began small and then blossomed--well, it has the same problem- one of the fabrics--a blue spotted batik-- well, I have one square left and--though I have dug around in the freezing cold attic many many times--I can not find any more of it. I bought it long ago at a quilt show.  Because it had dots or spots.  Which I loved then and now.

I did buy some new spotted batiks in different colors in September. I could try and work them in--or go back- which means "unsewing" portions and install the new batiks so they look like they were always included and not just an add on.

Or I could just STOP.   The word for the day "investigate".

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