Sunday, February 06, 2011

You've Been Patient

And not much has happened.  The pain is still there.  G still can't stand or walk for more than a few minutes.  He has another appointment with his doctors tomorrow afternoon.  Our biggest concern right now is his job.  He is the manager of a restaurant and has not been managing it for four scheduled work days now.  It's a small company and everyone has their own work to do.

On the home front: Sam, with G's guidance, packed up the Pilates machine.  I was going to help her carry the machine downstairs (sans box) but she gave it a test lift, decided it was "light enough" and picked it up herself and carried it downstairs.  Wow!  In the box, it weighs over 72#'s of dead weight but that box is heavy all by itself.  I carried the box downstairs.  So we (Sam and I) carried the packed box out to her car, drove into town, parked in the bank lot and carried the box from the parking lot to the UPS store only to discover after going on line, calling etc that the box needs to be "Picked Up" at my house.  On Tuesday.  Thank goodness the UPS employees were fantastic.  The guy lent us his phone, lifted the box onto a trolley and carried it over to our car and put the box in the car.  Great service!!!  Then we went to Goodwill to look at stuff and Wally World to get more pain pills.

I got home in time to dress warmly and take Riley for his one hour walk.  It started snowing and by the time we got home I looked like a snow man.  Riley had done a lot of "snow swimming" in deep snow banks and he was exhausted. Today it's 40 degrees.  I need to shovel the driveway.

We were all ready for bed at around 11 when I heard water running.  I followed the sound all over the house, checking toilets and sinks, and couldn't find the source.  Finally, it dawned on me to check the downstairs crawlspace and what to my wondering eyes did I behold but water running out of the auxillary domestic water tank.  Heated water.  I called the emergency number and while I waited to hear from the $140 an hour guy, G was woken up by the dog and dragged to the hallway (that Riley is a very interesting dog).  G insisted on putting on boots and going down into the 4 foot high crawlspace and finding the shut off valves and shutting off the water.  No running water now but also NO HOT WATER.  We have heat but no hot water.  Good thing we had both taken showers yesterday afternoon.  I guess, finally, I have to sign the contract for the new furnace and water tank.

There is no end to the number of things that can terrify, irritate and confound the residents of this household.  But the sun is shining, we have heat, and food in the cupboards and freezer.  We will survive.  I am going to get dressed and shovel the driveway, walk the dog and try and find some Pilates floor exercises on line.  Tomorrow, doctor appointments.  Also, a call to the energy company to order a new furnace.  We just have to keep moving forward and hope for better days.


Diane N said...

I am so sorry to hear all the things that you and your husband are going through. I hope he will be well and things will be better soon.

MariMo said...

So sorry to hear about the bad things happening to you at the moment. It never rains, it always pours, right? Keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well soon. Mom

Deborah Boschert said...

Oh Joanne. Just reading all of this is exhausting and overwhelming. It sounds like you are taking all the right steps and just putting one foot in front of the other, but I know it's a challenge.

Such lovely biscuits!

dee said...

It's never just a trickle but does it have to be a s__t storm? Praying for better days ahead for you 3.