Monday, February 28, 2011

February Dripping Into March

It's wet.  The streets of our little town are flooding (even with the NEW improved $$$ sewers).  Riley goes out only when absolutely necessary.  He doesn't like to get wet in the rain, but dives into puddles, ponds or water filled drainage ditches.  My porches need a good shoveling before all the slush freezes.

I have been handsewing (thus the pincushion at my elbow).  My 12 by 12 has been worked on pretty much all day today and part of several days before.  It still has "needs".  Meaning it still doesn't look good.  Better, but I have a blue sitting on another blue and no contrast, so that needs work.  Can you see the blue, green and brown threads on needles stuffed into the cushion?  It is all so dunkel (dark) with no focal point.  Anyone looking at it would say "what is this supposed to be?"  I'm not feeling the love.

G has EOM and I have eaten the remainder of the Garden Chowder for lunch.  And the dark chocolate with nuts from my See's candy box.  G stopped and checked out a new Elizabeth George from the library for me to read.  Reading usually keeps me away for the fridge and candy box.  I ate so much yesterday that I FINALLY am not constipated anymore.  What a joyous relief.  This is what happens when I change over from shredded wheat to oatmeal.  Things don't travel as well as they should.

The PBS Any Human Heart was truly, deeply, awful.  But not as awful as I am hearing the Oscars were. And I missed the Charlie Sheen interview on the morning shows.  Hear that was entertaining.  Now they are mentioning bipolar disease and mental illness.  Miss one interview and you are so far behind on these Hollywood things.  I learned yesterday the show was cancelled.  Good news.  Once the little boy was older than 10 they should have stopped.  Or was Charlie the half man????  Half wit?

I am going to have a cup of tea, take a shower, then read my book.  Only one week left of unemployment.  I have to enjoy it.  Rest up.  The next two months at work are cold, dirty and tiring.  Perennials coming into the cold annual house, foliage and flowers into the greenhouse and I have Agapanthus to divide.  Huge plants.  I am going to be bone tired, cold, covered in dirt and so happy to stand in the hot shower until the water goes cold.  Then fall asleep standing up.

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dee said...

I am unable to focus on anything creative that requires deep thought so I have pulled out a large needlepoint that Roger bought me a while back. Mindless and keeps me out of the fridge.
You always say your 12 x 12s are not so good and yet they always are too...(I'm the bad twin)...ARE TOO!!!
I refuse to watch Hollywood congratulate itself for anything anymore. It's time I could have been doing something worthwile and more studying navel lint. Gad, I loath those people. They make movies for 12 year olds without a modicum of class or content and think themselves to darn special-no wonder an idiot like Sheen gets a million and a half for mostly drivel.