Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eye See

Why do we make the things we make?  Why do we buy and cherish the things we buy and cherish?  What makes me, me and you, you?  And does it matter so much?  I think it has more to do with pleasing others than pleasing ourselves.  True artists are only interested in pleasing themselves.  In my little world, if I am happy I seem to have the ability to make others happy.  If I am spiteful and crabby, not such a happy crowd all around me.  I have been more content with my art work since I decided I was the only judge worth listening to.  This doesn't mean I am doing "great works of art", but merely that I am making art.  And the art I am making is making me happy.  Likewise with the food I am cooking.  The seeds I am planting.

My neighbor across the street came by to give G chocolate for shoveling her mailbox out.  I asked her to come in for coffee (even thought the house was a mess).  She has a new job.  That made G and I happy.  Not as good a job as she wanted but a job, with health insurance.  She also mentioned falling down one evening while walking her dog and not being able to get up.  Crawling back to her house.  That made us both feel terrible.  She needs to carry her phone.

G is blowing snow off the driveway and then he is going to walk Riley.  I have laundry to finish and bed sheets to wash.  Bed to make. Floors to vacuum.  Table to clean off.  Our breakfast biscuits were delicious. The same recipe as always but with soy milk and it seems to make them extra tender.

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Carolyn aka Silkquilter said...

I have come to believe that the title: Artist, belongs to anyone who visualizes something they want to create. After that it is just technique and skill. It takes lots of technique and skill to produce "good" art vs our early or even new attempts which is often "bad" art. On the other hand... I often wonder if I am an artist. I don't really visualize something new to make. I can't draw worth spit (stick figures are my limit)and while I wish I did draw, I don't really have the passion to learn. (7th grade art class about ruined me.) I make quilts, but use a pattern even though I might choose my own colors. I sew garments, but again use a pattern, although I often combine patterns. I don't sculpt, but I do like ceramics. I don't design original pieces for crafting, although I can "improve on someone else's design. And I am great with a coloring book. LOL Even with "great" art, it may not be my "cup of tea."

All this to say, YES! Art should be done to please the artist! If somebody else likes it, that is just gravy!