Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting Back To Business

I have, perhaps, three more weeks of unemployment/furlough and I have not crossed off any of the items I wrote down on my Winter Furlough list.  I started work on a few, but G's mysterious muscle pain, the new Pilates exercises (now a thing of the past) and the daily dog walks have limited the amount of time I have to actually get something done.  Fabric is piled on the stairs going up and the floor and in the upstairs room. My old workspace looks like the inside of a dumpster.  Hardly conducive to contemplative fabric collage.

I did manage, in the beginning, to get some much needed cleaning done here at home.  It needs doing again.  My slipcovers have still not been taken to the Suds&Fold to be washed in one of the big washers with bleach and hot water ($5).  I could do that today.  Read my book while they Tumble&Slosh.

I purchased sewing machine needles (all of mine had broken -the tips snapping off, still threaded) for some well intentioned mindless zigzaging of wabi sabi placemats.  I even found newer and better fabrics for the blue placemat while moving and sorting fabric.  My upstairs fabric closet looks neat and not over filled, but standing next to the closet are three towers of storage containers.  Containers that need little stick on labels.  Containers filled with "projects".  And the newest 12 by 12 is due on Tuesday.  I haven't even started.  I haven't even found fabric in the blue, sage, brown colors.

My new list:
12 by 12 for Tuesday morning
Easter Bunny House.  Construction/Painting/Decoration  Need fake grass.
Sam's Ohio Accounts
Vegetable Seeds
Zigzag Placemats
Wash White Slipcovers

I have it all written down on the March desk calendar.  In orange Sharpie.  Can't miss seeing the list each morning.  I'll try to have a list update for you during the month.  House construction will most likely be posted in pictures.

I am making a pot roast tomorrow.   I am washing darks right now and whites right after.  Changing the bed sheets and dusting the four poster rails.  G will vacuum after physical therapy.  The windows need washing.  And I am eating my oatmeal as I type.  The dog needs walking.  And I would love a shower.

What a terrible list.  No wonder nothing gets done.

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