Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Why Doesn't This Work?

 My journal entry with "nice line drawing" ended up torn from the journal and crumpled up in a large wad.  I opened it a bit to get some interest for you.  It was Mickey Mouse and then the tv remote and then a wad.  I may try the remote again someday as it was rather easy to draw.  My skills are iffy.  Somedays it works and I get a good-ish drawing and then for a few days I get nothing but crap.

Update:  The cell phone that G dropped in the toilet responded to 24 hours on the radiator.  It is accepting a charge and made a call (to me) from the dining room to the sink.  And, best of all the steroid G is now taking seems to be working.  The Percoset is a total ripoff.  A Good Day!!!

My second drawing was of what I see the most, these days.  Pill bottles.  I'm either dispensing, purchasing, remembering, getting water for, or just keeping track of when they were last ingested. I once joked that the "Golden Years" of old age was only the glow of the sun coming through the pill bottles on the kitchen window sill.  Not so funny now.

What was also not funny was me trying to get the FULL dishwasher to wash the dishes last night.  The domestic hot water is off.  Not going to happen. So, I had to get large pots of water on the stove to heat, rig up a dish pan, unload the dishwasher and start hand washing all the dishes.  Then dry them and put them away.  All the while I was marveling at my utter stupidity in thinking that tucking the dirty dishes in the dishwasher since Saturday night was a "good idea".

The brand new energy efficient furnace and water tank will be arriving on Thursday morning.  Tomorrow.  Which means tomorrow will be a cold day in the house.  So, Riley is going to Doggie Daycare where it is nice and warm and getting the Spa Treatment.  Bath, nails, ears as a Valentine Special.  He's going to smell extra nice when he gets home.  Oh, I wish they had a Valentine Special for me.  Hot shower, shampoo. I think we should have domestic hot water on Friday.  They can't do both in one day.  So, heat first and then hot water the next day.

With Riley off to the the dog spa and G off to the dentist for two hours tomorrow morning and then a doctor's appointment at 2.45, I will have some quiet time to myself here at home (with the furnace people banging away in the crawl space).

UPS picked up the returned Pilates machine; I found a beginner Pilates floor exercise DVD at Walmart for $2.50 and will be watching it for exercise tips;  I have exercises to do and the dog to walk.  I also need to pick up a few items at the grocery store (yogurt, soy milk, mushrooms).  I'm making chicken soup for G.  He isn't eating very well so why bother cooking.  I, myself, have leftovers from Sunday to eat.

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dee said...

Sory about the drawing. The perfectionist in me keeps me from being a good journal keeper. I'd be ripping out pages left and right.I have such admiration for people who keep them and show their work, warts & all.
Took Percoset once-only once. It made me more sick than I already was. Steroids work almost instantly on infections on my face from Rosacea but they make me mean as hell for a week. I can see how men who take them to bulk up become so angry sometimes. The steroids may give him an appetite or it may just be that everything gives me an appetite.

How you will appreciate that hot shower when you can get it!