Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bad News- Good News

The bad news is that our new furnace had a bent bolt and needed to be sent back.  A new one is being brought ASAP but not enough time to be installed today.  So, we are going with "Plan B" and installing the new domestic hot water unit today (shower tonight!!!!) and tomorrow will be a very long, hard day for the crew, getting the old boiler out and the new one installed.  Best laid plans of mice and men etc. Riley gets a second day of day care.  He could have stayed home today.  Oh, well.

G was feeling better yesterday but woke up feeling "not so good".  I think he felt so good last night, he thought all his travail was in the past and he was going to be good as new this morning. That's the way he thinks. Didn't happen. So he has sunken back into his depressed state.  I am hoping the second Prednesone tablet does it's magic on his pain while he is having his crown installed at the dentist.  He should be home in the next half hour and we'll see.

I drew my little still life (remember when I took a photograph of this same subject?) and it's in the center of the journal page. I think it turned out quite charming in a wonky way. I will write on both sides.  Left side today and right side tomorrow.  I haven't found any magazine pictures to glue to the opposing page (left) as yet.  That's what I did in the previous journal.  A glued in magazine page or collage on the left (which covered the bleed thru from the Sharpie pens I use on the right side) and words and drawing on the right side.  I'm not feeling the "love" for that idea so I have to wait a bit to see what I "feel" like doing.  I want to do something entirely different in this journal.  Because I want to re-invent myself this year. De-clutter myself.

I miss my Pilates workout.  It centered me for the day.  And the abdominal exercises worked to control my appetite.  I felt "full" even when I hadn't eaten much.  I was enjoying the straighter spine and tucked in tummy muscles.  I try to "push back and pull in" here in my chair.  My new $2.50 DVD is good but still difficult to follow as they go too fast and if you get the positions wrong, there is no purpose in doing the exercise.  A few of them look familiar to the machine exercises.

I need to wash the dog blankets and Febreze the dog beds so when Riley gets home everything will smell doggie fresh to go along with his bath.  Riley enjoys a bath as long as they are few and far between.  He had one before Christmas so this is pretty close.  I don't think labs need baths, usually.

It's pretty quiet downstairs in the crawlspace.  Wonder what they are doing?

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