Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pear Two

If you stopped by earlier this morning, you saw a different, whinier, post.  That has now been deleted.  And I worked a bit more on the Morning Drawing.  Adding collage papers and a stamp.  A cricket fiddling in the snow.

The furnace tech is here again.  And he has a broken filling (which hurts) from a bag of mixed nuts he got from his Valentine.  The furnace is cycling on and off.  Too quickly.  Too often.  We are going to try thermostats. New ones.  I don't know what to think.

The sun is shining and the room I am sitting in is VERY warm.  I am not used to this.  I had a luxuriously hot shower (after the service guy finally arrived) and cereal and toast for breakfast.  My face feels warm and dry from the lack of moisture in the air.  Warm air is so much drier than cold air.

Riley started barking at around 6.30 this morning and hasn't stopped.  He also has been going in and out all morning. Some branches got blown down during the windy morning and he has collected and chewed them into small bits.  Yesterday he chewed off all the budded branches of the pink Rhododendron out front and utterly destroyed the shrub, or the part not covered by snow.  I was busy chipping ice off the driveway wearing no coat or gloves.  It was 49 degrees.  Today it's 17.

The G update: work was okay for the first day back.  The doctor's nurse called to report they found arthritis in G's back and side Xrays.  Now he will be going for "physical therapy".  G has always had back pain.  This was LEG pain.  But I'm not a doctor.

The rhubarb custard pie was good as was the mushroom pasta.  G was happy with his Valentine dinner.  I was happy he was happy.

I have a medium box of video tapes to dispose of and turns out they are a petroleum based product (90%) and can't be recycled with paper and plastic things.  They have to go to special video tape locations.  Or I can make craft items out of them--little coin purses as an example.  Or tie up my tomato plants with unwound tape.  I think not.  We used the tapes to record programs so they aren't "movies" which a library sale might want.  And I don't think sending them to a landfill with garbage is a good thing to do.  Being environmentally conscious can sometimes be a trial.  Especially if you are trying to declutter.  Any ideas?


Diane N said...

There's a web site called


but you have to pay shipping. I have never used them.

Don't know if you would be interested in that. Maybe you could google "disposing of VHS tapes and see what you find.

dee said...

I love todays drawing. Yummy colors.