Saturday, February 26, 2011

Black & White

The snow.  The ice hanging from the roof.  The cold.  It's all coming to an end as March enters in full Winter Roar.  We have 8 to 10 new, wet inches of snow and tonight another 4 to 6.  Then rain.  Probably freezing rain.  In between storms, bright blue skies and sunshine.

My employer asked me to come in to work today to discuss "things".  We have a number of classes offered in March and I thought we would be discussing that.  Instead, he told me I would be returning to work on March 7th (and teaching two classes). My Winter Furlough is coming to an end.  Much sooner than anticipated.  I'm not sure how I feel about this yet.  The winter greenhouse was nice and warm this morning. It smelled of dirt, damp and mystery.  The little flowers seemed so bright and cheerful.  Streptocarpus in pretty blue.  Primula in golden yellow, red, pink and white.  Cyclamen.  Orchids.  I have missed the bright light and warmth of the greenhouse.  I mixed potting soil with water to make a damp, perfect soil to divide and repot African Violets for a customer.  Since I was there, they asked if I would to do it.  They weren't sure how.  How could I say no?  And did I know if we had sprout seeds? And when to plant spinach?  How large a pot for the lime tree? Could I make the coffee for the class snack?  Welcome back.

So, I have one week and one day to straighten out my life here at home and get ready to return to work.

Last night, before I knew what today would bring, I ordered a new Pilates machine from QVC.  The "new improved" model on "special" and not the expensive pro model.  It will arrive by Friday, March 4th. I was happy with the less professional model before and I hope to be happy with this new model, now.  If not, it goes back in 30 days, no questions asked.  I want to feel the way I felt while doing the exercises.  Calm, meditative.  Remember how well I slept?  The dreams?  Good dreams.  I miss all that and want it back in my life. G wants to use the machine, also.

Riley is sleeping on his pile of dog toys.  He had a good walk with Sam today.  In the woods (with leash) and then digging holes into snowbanks.  Sam knows how to make snow a fascinating adventure for a dog (or small child). I remember when Reny was a 2 month old pup.  She rolled tiny snowballs down the driveway for him to chase.  The next winter she was rolling large snowballs down the same driveway for a new puppy, Riley, to attack and destroy.  I'm not very good at thinking of interesting dog games.

G reheated leftovers tonight.  He did a fantastic job of it.  Delicious dinner.  It's a wonderful thing to go take a shower and come back to find a hot meal waiting for you to eat.  Didn't even have to do the dishes. After dinner, I took the time to write in my journal, finish my book and eat a few pieces of my Christmas chocolates from See's Candies.  The Nuts&Chewies Collection.  I plan to eat most of them this weekend and be done with them. Last week I ate the $1 bag of orange slices I got at Walmart.  I ate three one day and then a few days later, ate the rest of them.  I couldn't stand knowing they were in the house.  Now that they are gone--I don't care about getting more or eating more.

I think I will go to bed now.  I'm tired. And if I go to bed I can stop eating candy.

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Diane N said...

The photo you posted with today's blog was beautiful. It reminded me of an old sepia dream.

I drooled over your description of the greenhouse and the odors and the beautiful colors of the flowers. This winter has been harsh and spring is a long time coming.

We have had the weather you're experiencing now and today we will be having thunderstorms, so they say. Nothing like a good hard rain to wash away our sins.