Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Gema Requests A Picture

A picture of my Pilates machine.  The seat or platform slides to the back (or left in this picture).  When I do my exercises my feet are on the bar at the bottom right.  The hand (and feet) straps are on the shoulder mounts (which is hard to see in this picture) and can be slipped off and used for the exercises.  The little orange notebook has my list of exercises.  I flip thru the book as I do my workout.  Most of my exercises are the Beginner ones.  Just the Core. I still have my packing box as there is a free 30 day money back guarantee.  My machine may be going back as the weld on the frame has caused me to skip the whole section of exercises for the legs;  the platform hesitates and bumps, causing me back pain.  I need to call QVC and talk with them about this.  The other complaint that I saw on the website was for squeaky wheels.  Mine didn't squeak so I was pretty happy.  Now, it does.  People as tall as 6 foot 4 can use this machine and up to 300 pounds.

Another comment suggests taking a few classes and I intend to do just that.  When it stops snowing.

My "progress" so far  according to my husband "you don't look as dumpy". Isn't he the silver tongued devil? While I don't see a significant change in my waistline (pants fitting better, etc.) I can easily see my feet over my poochy belly fat now.  And my face looks thinner.  I think that's the 1200 calories and the dog walking.  And I can easily sit cross legged on the platform and I don't have to keep stopping during the exercises to catch my breath and getting down on the floor is pretty fast now which was a real project the first few days.  Those are the high points.  I watch the DVD's to get style pointers.  The way to hold my hands, point my toes etc.  And the exercise can be done as slowly as you would like.

I did try that floor exercise (way advanced) and I can see exactly how far I have to go.  But I have months and years to get there.  No hurry.  Pilates is just as good without a machine.

It is snowing (4 to 8 inches) and tomorrow more snow with a wind chill of 1.  No dog walk tomorrow. G and I had lunch/dinner at a local spot (we were the only customers) and I feel like I ate too much.  But I won't be having anything else today.  G enjoys going out for a meal on his day off.  A simple request which makes him happy.  His new prescription has stopped the constant coughing.  It cost $250 for 10 pills.  With insurance $55. Crazy.

I have been running and doing since I woke up at 9.30 and don't have a thing to show for it.  I am going to read my book while G is out snowblowing the driveway.  He went to buy gas for the generator in case of a power outage.  Be prepared.

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gema said...

Hi J, Thanks for the pic! I've never seen a metal machine only wooden ones. I might be able to find a pic online of the studio my dd visited. If you send your machine back, consider saving for and investing in an original wooden machine. You might be safer with it.