Friday, February 18, 2011

Research, Reading & Riley

I have managed 65 pages in my new Icelandic mystery.  Made, yet another, trip to Wally World for drugs and while there I purchased a whey protein shake mix and a very large bag of frozen strawberries so I can make a mid afternoon strawberry protein shake instead of snacking on various items which don't fill me up and even make me hungrier.  I had purchased a vanilla shake mix from a company called Delta or some such, and made the shakes in 1989/90 when I still was in control of my weight.  The packet, ice and frozen strawberries (perhaps milk) blended into a very thick shake that took a long time to finish.  And filled me up. And were delicious.  This whey powder is not meant to be a diet meal.  It says so on the container. But a friend says it is what she has for breakfast.  A scoop of protein powder, a banana, juice or milk and into the blender.  Keeps her going until early afternoon and her visit to 7/11 for a BigGulp.  My friend is not someone you should go to for health tips.

G has finished taking his medicine and has now started taking "my" medicine.  And is doing much better on the magical big orange pills that I take for pain.  Non-narcotic.

I am doing research on a Windowsill Gardening class.  It covers so many topics.  Herb gardens, seed starting, container gardening, houseplants, even vegetables grown on sunny windowsills.  Too much stuff to cover.  It gets confusing for the people who come to the class.  But if I talk about herbs, I also have to talk about starting them from seed.  No way around it.  And the windowsill may be all some of the older members of the class have in which to enjoy live plants.  We don't all have yards or patios or decks.  And if we do, sometimes they aren't in the sunshine.

It is also time to send in my first (6 weeks) work diary for unemployment and fill out and sign my "Truth and Nothing But the Truth" statement.  Or go to prison.

I am having my cereal now, a second cup of coffee and then I will read for an hour.  I should have a clearer idea of how I want to spend the remainder of the day after that.  Cabin Fever has set in and I am ready to be done with cold and ice.  Other than the dog walks, I haven't even been to the grocery store this week.  Just Wally World yesterday and that's more of a punishment than a real "go somewhere".  I think it is past time to start working on stuff I had on my Winter List.  And there's always the IRS.


Unknown said...

Sending you warm thoughts... I use EAS protein powder (vanilla and choc). The vanilla I blend with water, ice, frozen strawberries and frozen bananas (or whatever berries I have in the house). Watch out for juice - lots of calories and sugar. 1/2 milk and 1/2 water is also good. The chocolate I mix with banana and1-2T peanut butter. YUM. Target carries this brand.

Watch out for some - I tried some from whole foods and it gave me the worst gas ever. ;) So I went back to the EAS. BTW, it's perfectly fine to use the EAS as a meal replacement.

dee said...

Love those smoothies and they are filling.
Hope things warm up for you. It was 65 here today-the bad news-35 tomorrow with snow showers. Bah!

Windowsill gardening is the only kind I can do most of the year + I have a house that faces mostly north. Most of the year we are heavily covered with very large trees and vines. Great in the summer but not so much for plant light.
So glad G is feeling better. Men are not so patient about these things often making it even more stressful for partners. Small steps but good ones.