Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter Redux

Almost March and Winter refuses to let go here in Maine.  We were just beginning to notice brown along the sidewalks and garden edges.  Beginning to think of crocus and daffodils. Cruel to snow again! At least, the ravaged, yellow/brown snow is now covered in a clean layer of white.  Fresh.  But I have had enough.  Of white. Of snow. Of winter.  Bring on the rain.  The mud.

Here it is 5 pm and the street plows have closed the bottom of the driveways with 36 inches of heavy wet snow.  My cross the street neighbor is reading her newspaper, in the car, waiting, I presume for her hired plow person to arrive to clear her drive so she can go into her house.  I can't offer her my living room.  My driveway is blocked as well.  G has left work and would like his dinner before starting to clear snow.  The pot roast is tender and dark brown, the potatoes are boiling away and instead of carrots we have peas.  I made gravy with a mix of soft butter and flour (very French) and it looks good.  I hope it has a decent taste as well.  Reading Elizabeth George.  Feeling British.  Ha!

G and I read our books rather than watch television last evening.  It was nice.  I have been staying awake later and later and waking earlier than usual.  I am tired.  The browned hunk of beef is in the oven (not the slow cooker) turning itself into pot roast.  Later, I will peel potatoes and fry carrots (yes, I fry carrots!) to serve alongside the beef.  Plenty left over for tomorrow when I will be too tired to cook.

I have decided what I want to try on the 12 by 12.  I made the background yesterday and enjoyed the stitching, the pressing of seams, the running of hands over the pressed seams (this is what I love about fabric and quilting -the seams; and I despise piecing), and now I have a glimmer of an idea for the foreground.  I am feeling the need for handsewing.  Applique or embroidery.

G toasted the sandwich bread for his breakfast, again, this morning but there is a slice or two left for a cheese sandwich for my lunch.  Telling him anything is such a waste of time.  I have to stick notes on every item on the counter.  It's like his head is empty.  And he has fooled around with my computer screen and I hate what he has added.  Can't figure out how to remove it.  I have argued with him over this same thing so many times and he keeps doing it--like it's "new" to him every time. It's MY computer.  He can add s**t to his own screen.  G enjoys "more". I like "less".

Riley has been in/out several times this morning.  Yesterday G took him on his first off leash walk in the woods since the "leg pain".  Riley was asleep for the rest of the day.  Now he is hoping for another romp in the woods without his leash.  Don't we all?


Diane N said...

I don't think this winter will ever end. It's snowing here right now. Last night was sleet and small hail with thunder and lightning. The day before was rain.

Your meal sounds delicious.

dee said...

Pot roast-YUM and carrots taste better fried with a bit of butter, a tiny touch of honey and fresh parsley. Boiled carrots are a horrible waste of calories...bah

Sorry about your snow. We're having a shot of spring again. Thank goodness, I'm done in on winter. Much more and I'll become a recluse-good thing I don't drink...much