Friday, February 11, 2011

Easing Into Normal

The steroids have done their work on G's muscle pain.  The CK blood work is now normal, the pain has become a dull ache, and G is not going from pain  pill to pain pill in a sleepy haze.  He returns to work on Monday.  Thank you for all the good, kind thoughts sent our way in the 10 days we have struggled with this scary "whatever it was".  I know all that positive energy helped.  I could feel it helping.

The hot water in the shower last night was amazing.  Usually, with lukewarm being 12 o'clock on the shower knob, we were down around 8 or 9  trying to keep ourselves warm while quickly shampooing and soaping up.  Yesterday, I had the knob between 12 and just above 11 and it was hot. The entire time I was in the shower and since I hadn't had a shower since Saturday, I stayed a LONG time.  It stayed HOT. G stayed at 12 and was delighted.  I can't wait till March when I come home from work, cold, dirty and damp.  I am going to race into the house and down the hall to the shower.  Heaven.

Today the  energy guy and his helper (a woman) are down there taking apart the old boiler/burner and installing the new one.  No heat or hot water today.  G wants to "go do something".  I told you he was feeling better!!! So we just might drive into Portland and look around.  Bookstore.  Art Supply.  Lunch.  Whole Foods.  Trader Joe.  Any number of things to do and see.  Riley has gone to day care (too much noise here (thumping, banging, scraping, drilling) and he was already barking at every sound coming from the basement before they got started.

I am hoping that eventually I can start drawing more complex things and have a better grasp of the light and shadow that describe volume.  But right now, I don't have the inclination to spend an hour on a drawing.  It will come back to me, I hope.  I just need to take the time, to relearn the muscle gestures, to learn the language of the pen and pencil again.

Today, I am just relieved to be moving toward normal.  This glimpse of "what could be" was a wake up call to enjoy the good things, good health, we have right this minute, because it could vanish in a blink of the eye. It happens just that fast.  Again, thank you for your well wishes.  Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for being here with me during my good and bad times.  I will do the same for you!!!


quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

in a rush, working. thinking good thoughts

MariMo said...

What a relief - so good to hear this. Kuesschen aus Hattersheim.

dee said...

so happy to hear this news. Have yourselves a lovely day

Jan said...

So happy to hear that things are returning to an even keel there. You're right, these episodes are a good reminder to appreciate every day. Just as living with an aging water heater for a while makes you appreciate the new one even more! Nothing like a good, hot shower, is there? ;-)

Diane N said...

I have tried to leave comments the past couple days but the blog wouldn't let me.

I am so happy and thankful and grateful to hear your good news. I hope life will be back to "normal" very soon.

Good health, running hot water and a new furnace to keep you warm. Life is sweet.