Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Morning Snow

I woke up very early today.  It snowed overnight and the sun hasn't made an appearance (hopefully) yet so the skylights are covered and my usually bright room is overcast and dark.  As is my mood.  Riley is over by the window softly "ruffing" (G admonished him for barking yesterday) because he has seen something outside that I can't see.  Deer, fox, crows or the ever popular squirrels.  Rodents under the snow are gaining in popularity around here, due to the warming temps.

The snow cover, with ice underneath, will invigorate the walk today.  I am not enchanted by the possibility of a slip and fall.  I may suggest to Riley that we walk down the middle of the street today and forgo walking on the tippy top of the snowbanks with the ice covered road edges.  I will wait as long as possible before going. Sit quietly and read my Elizabeth George mystery and hope the dog finds amusement elsewhere.  He is busy carrying all his toys out into the living room.  I must participate by calling out the name of each toy animal as it goes past my computer chair.

I went to the grocery store yesterday.  I hadn't really shopped since G had his "episode" and finally, the fridge shelves were bare.  $130. I purchased breakfast items (orange juice, yogurt, jam, oatmeal, soy milk), vegetables (carrots, eggplant, lettuce), sandwich items for Sunday lunch (turkey, cheese, hummus, bread, chips) and items I needed for Cheesy Garden Chowder and Pizza.  Two jugs of Tide because they had original scent and it was good to use in an old fashioned washer.  I purchased no meat.  No prepared foods.  In fact, nothing which looked like "groceries".  I had to go look at the receipt as I was certain I had been overcharged. Everything was noticeably higher priced than the last time (10 days ago) that I shopped.  I did not purchase any more shredded wheat.  Oatmeal from now on.  Five pounds of sugar was $3.65.  I didn't need any but figured it would be more expensive next time when I would need it.  For the same reason I bought two large packages of oatmeal instead of the one I needed.  I looked at the sale meats, but wasn't feeling the "love".  We'll have chowder and pizza and with leftovers that's four dinners.  I have chicken in the freezer and mushrooms for Chicken Marsala for G and I still have kale to steam for my own dinner.  We have enough possibilities stocked in the freezer and pantry.  I wonder what families with less money will do?

I can see a huge turnout for our gardening classes in the coming months.

The pear at the top of this post was drawn yesterday.  I managed to do laundry and iron all G's shirts yesterday.  Not a very productive day.  I had a nagging sinus headache all day and finally, at 7 pm, looked in the drug cabinet for something and found a sample packet of Advil for sinus congestion.  It worked.  Watched Masterpiece Classics and wonder that this was even produced.  And Mr Darcy is not aging well.  The actor was in my favorite Pride & Prejudice with Keira.  It actually took me quite awhile to figure out where I "knew" him from.  G was also perplexed, "what happened to him?"  I would give an Emmy to whomever is doing the makeup and hair.  I almost didn't recognize Mr Collins (also from P&P) playing the Duke of Windsor.  Darcy and Collins played golf in last night's episode and it was very amusing. To me.  Was the Duke really that much of an ass?  Wallace is played by the gal from the X Files. Everyone is looking good but has nothing of any value to say.

I wish I could say I was looking good.  I can admit to not having anything of value to say.  Tomorrow two of my teeth are getting a "deep cleaning".  Oh, bother as Pooh would say.

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