Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Daily Notes- Tuesday, October 19th- Annual Medical Visit

 I showered and had no breakfast and went off to my doctor's visit with a coffee and a Larabar.  For AFTER the blood tests.  I think the gal took three vials full. I have thin veins.  I wore nice clothes.

Then a short wait and then the doctor and after that- tetanus and flu shots. One in each arm.  So, am home with three holes in me.  The one in my left shoulder hurts.  Now I just have to do a mammogram and I will be done. ......nope, I need my COVID Booster.  But not today.  Enough is enough.

Started the day with a "rescue me" call from neighbor across the street who needed me to get her recycling out to the curb before I left for my doctor's visit.  And her garbage.  I also broke down a bunch of her Amazon Prime boxes.  And carried her mail to her street side mailbox.  I asked if there was anything else she needed- as I was needing to get into the car.....she said no.  And I jumped in the car- husband was driving. And off we went before she could change her mind.

Traffic on the street where my doctor office turn off is...newly paved with fresh asphalt- the street (road) was getting striping.  What a mess.  Long lines of "going one mile an hour" traffic.  Couldn't they have done it overnight????  Anyway.  I am at home and finally had my oatmeal and a second cup of coffee.  And now, a book or the sports channel and a blanket.  I might just sit with my resting eyes closed.

On the way home- sirens and lights on two State Cars and then an ambulance with siren and all its lights flashing at the intersection.  So, we didn't go straight.  We turned and were happy to arrive home safely.

I would have loved to have a runny egg on toast with sautéed greens today.  That would have been perfect. But...no where to get that.  So...like I mentioned- time for a nap.  I'm supposed to have one 30 minute walk each day.  And eat a healthy low carb diet.  And lose weight.  None of those things will happen today. 

My doctor did admit I am the healthiest (youngest looking) 75 year old in her care.  I'll be happy enough knowing that.

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