Sunday, October 31, 2021

Daily Notes- Happy Halloween

 Been saving this one for months, waiting for today's post.  Martha Stewart of course.  Long long time Readers of this blog might be reminded of the Spooky House I made from a cardboard box long ago.  This new taller, SMALLER Town House Spooky was considered by me- for making another one.  I still might.  I love the roof lines.  The center tower. But I didn't attempt it this October.  I was too blah to do much to anything.

We had mice back then- years and years ago- but mostly outside not inside-- so I made my pumpkin seed roof pieces from marbled Sculpty clay.  Baked them.  

I like everything about this Spooky Townhouse. I'm glad I saved it for you today.

The weekend has seemed Endless. And BORING.  Daughter has been thrifting at various Goodwill locations and I have a lovely stack of one dollar books on my reading shelf.  And a few 2 dollar ones as well. I have the Cloud Atlas that I read years ago.  Hardback.  Daughter also wants to read it.

I have my bag of Kit Kat bars to hand out if anyone comes by.  The Twins.  Grocery only had the milk chocolate ones.  No white or dark chocolate.  Which Husband and I would prefer eating.  I think the regular chocolate will be fine- if I put them in the freezer for a few hours.

I am considering Sunday Football Pizza.  Need to get a ball of dough out of the deep freeze and let it get started on thawing...with a bit of help from the microwave.  ( I got up out of my chair and took a dough ball out to thaw).  I think we play the Chargers today.  I could be wrong. But on the Sports show they ragged on about the Charger  More like women than they know.

Tomorrow Tru Green is supposed to show up "somewhere" to do the free "sorry we f**ked up" lawn treatment.  No telling where that might happen.  99% sure it won't be on our lawn..but on some other street with a house number 12.

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