Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Daily Notes- October 5th- A Cloudy, chill Tuesday.

 Bird Woman- Maria Madurira.   This is sort of what I am trying to do with cloth.  But I am still finding it hard to switch from abstract rectangular or square cloth to Story Cloth.  I don't have a spirit animal to inhabit the cloth.  I never have had.  Older cloth had floral elements.  Abstract.  But never people. Never animals. Never anything with "thoughts". Or eyes.

I am reading- for the 5th time I think...a book.  And there are  things that always bothered me.  Not this Time.  This Time I am seeing, feeling and reading the words without my inner anxiety or sub text. There was never anything to fear.  I was inserting my own fears into the story as a subtext.  This Time.  So different and such a relief. I'm allowing the book's characters to relax and just be...... I am allowing myself to relax and just be.

I am not sure how this happened.  How I let go.  But it is a welcome change.  Perhaps it was age or COVID and realizing Time was getting short.  My end date is closer every year.  I need to let go of fear and embrace possibility. One book at a time.

My Master Gardener classmate (2001) dropped off a heavy bag of peaches from her tree yesterday afternoon. A belated birthday gift. Her tree likes to ripen peaches in October.  Which is weird but okay with me as the Peaches are very very delicious.  I found my Southern Peach Cobbler recipe card and will be baking today.  I  have too many peaches.  So I will bag up what I don't need and I've already photo copied my old 1970's recipe cards to take down the street to Joel. The lawyer who works from home and cooks for his family.  If the puppy is out I will scratch behind her ears.  I copied the Old Fashioned Apple cake as well.  I shared cake with them after they picked apples for me a few years ago.  Now Joel can make Apple Cake as well.  Old school cake from the 1960's- before he was born.

My friend also brought me a pretty little rug- hooked rug on top filled with memory foam.  For me to stand on while I cook or bake.  To take pressure off my lower back.  I tried it out.  It's very nice.  I think Christmas baking and cooking will be so much easier standing on this little rug.  I will test it while peeling peaches for my cobbler later today.

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