Saturday, October 02, 2021

Daily Notes- October 2nd. Clouds. Rain is a Maybe. Chilly.

 I have no idea what this is in the bowl.  Soup or Rice.  But it's more than likely I will be eating something like this today.  It's cold in the house.  

I switched from linen pants, bare feet and a linen shirt to corduroy pants and wool socks yesterday.  I didn't go so far as adding a thermal long sleeved tee and a sweater.  Just a heavy work shirt.  But I was very happy with the socks.  I may add the long sleeve thermal today.

Daughter and her work partner arrived after their day of landscaping ended.. to remove and carry the two window AC units out to the garage.  I had cleared the space and backed my car out of the garage.  And cleared all walking spaces.  So it went quickly and efficiently. No one tripped and fell.  No AC unit fell out of the window.

The visiting dog spit out the dog treat husband gave her.  Her owner said the dog was "particular" about what she will eat.  I think she sniffed the entire house and garage and then was ready to go home.

So....we are now ready for the arrival of cold weather and Christmas.  I mentioned to daughter that I would like to purchase all new Christmas Tree lights this year instead of dealing with strings with half the lights not functioning.  She will schedule a shopping trip at the appropriate time.  And I will look for another desk calendar just like the one I have now.  I like it's smooth surface.  And I like pasting images to the surface and coloring and drawing in some of the spaces.  Under the art is the usual notes for haircuts and appointments.  In case you were wondering.

Ancient Aliens was good yesterday.  There was Women's Curling on one of the Sports channels but it wasn't as interesting as it has been in the past. So we went to bed early. As soon as husband got to the end of his chapter in the book he is reading.  Not yet noon, and I have all the house lights on. 

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

No trip and fall, no dropped ac units. Sounds like a good day. And, do replace those Christmas lights, you'll be so happy that you did.