Monday, October 04, 2021

Daily Notes- Monday, October 4th- What A Game Last Night!!!!!

 In the closet.  It has felt (incredibly) terrible to know I have very little in the Magic Closets in this color way- the strip on top with loose threads.  From Dee.  This is all I could find.  Close but no cigar.

I thought, seriously, about a drive across the bridge into Trump territory (next Town over) and the JoAnn's. But then decided there wasn't much chance of finding anything.  There is a quilt shop in Freeport but last time I went- well, very traditional.  Not me.  Anymore.  If ever.  I could mix paint.  Paint cloth this color. That is more likely to be successful.  I'm good at mixing color.  I'll give the mail service another day. See if I get any...mail.

I didn't read yesterday.  I watched two Hallmark Movies.  Not completely.  I don't have the emptiness of heart to watch them completely anymore (blame Hallmark Bingo).  And I had to hit the channel changing button when they got to the always awkward kiss.  Cringe-worthy.  They hadn't gone all crazy with the curling iron in either of the movies I watched.  Which was great. Used to be Hallmark would accidentally manage to discover "heat" but they must have scrubbed that clean off the scripts. Now they concentrate on AWKWARD.

I made the Football Pizza early- and then ice cream.  Then Football.  It was raining during the game in Boston and it was also raining here in Maine about 2 hours away.--by car on a clear highway. We did a lot of driving back in the day.  And most of it started by driving thru Boston.  And ended in Florida.

That last kick.  Being a field goal kicker has to be the worst job in football. I also watched the Cowboy's game.  Really good.  Brand new quarterbacks.  And old ones just back from reconstruction surgery.  Seems like football is undergoing a massive change.  I'm liking it.

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