Monday, October 25, 2021

Daily Notes- October 25th- Cold with a Chance of MOUSE

 Well, here at the Daily Notes we are into Mouse Hunting.  Overnight the mouse took the trap with him or her to the exit point which I happened to find by moving things out from under the restaurant shelving by the back wall.  Next to the pipe that connects the hot water to the only remaining old baseboard radiators. the ones that run under the floor to ceiling windows.  There was the trap with the mouse caught by the leg. Lively.  Certainly not dead.  Of course husband dropped him about two feet from the entrance to the house again.  I think they live under the back deck but could be living in the crawl space.

I just saw the trap but when husband went down to get it- the live mouse was attached.  Husband is now filling in the space around the pipe with caulk.  Well, he will be.  He's gone off in the car again and I have no idea when he will actually return home.  He "over thought" the mouse trap.  Just a simple mouse trap was all we needed. Sigh.  Complicated is not something he needs these days.  Just finding his way home is complicated enough.

But at least we know where the mice are entering the house. I always thought it would be the crawl space.

I am low on blood sugar this morning.  Chugging down my coffee.  I stuffed and taped the remaining radiator holes in the floor as they all open to the crawl space and it's easy to squeeze into that area from the garage- husband helps by leaving the garage door open all day. And sometimes all night.

I have a book to finish reading and I WAS going to the library and grocery but- feeling dizzy isn't a great combo with driving and shopping.    My house if FILTHY.  There...I admit it.....  FILTHY.

Rather than clean all this crap- I wouldn't feel back about just loading the car and heading for Goodwill.


Deb Lacativa said...

Girl, you don't know filthy. I have three cats and last year we had RATS in my kitchen. They chewed a hole in the wall under a built-in seating and had a party with the dry cat food. They were nested under the stairs, in the wall that led to the attic where, fortunately, I keep nothing. Mothballs, cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil, and a commercial deterrent spray, PLUS fixing all the places where they got in. Taking away any food source is most important. This whole thing was my fault for deciding to feed the birds on the back deck by piling birdseed out on the picnic table. Sorry birds, no more banquets.

Anonymous said...

My husband died two years ago and soon afterward I was INDUNDATED with mice. I caught 21 mice in 6 months. The best mouse/rat trap is TOM CAT. It needs just a tiny bit of peanut butter and bam, they are caught. I also found on line some electronic device you plug into your outlets which apparently disturbs the mice. The worst one was on Christmas night when all my family was here and we were having a "normal" dinner. ICK. My cleaning lady and myself spent hours going around to every corner and cubby in this house looking for droppings and cleaning and disinfecting the areas. I have to be vigilant at all times and even though I live in southern California it is starting to get cooler at night and that is when the mice want a nice warm space. All of my pantry in in thick plastic or glass containers. Those critters will eat through thin plastic. For months afterward I found pop corn kernels all over the house.
Hang in there, joan

Anonymous said...

ps, try not to use mothballs, it does keep the mice away but is very toxic for humans. joan