Friday, October 29, 2021

Daily Notes- Friday, October 29th- Sunshine

 Difficult day already.  Tru Green called.  Much, much discussion of EXACTLY where our house is located.  What color it is. The mailbox by the street with the very large street number on it. How many of the Five PAID for treatments have been made- to this address- ONE.  Well, that was news to them.....ONE made at the correct location.  I am left wondering who else got free fertilizing but said nothing??

If my next  door neighbor- very unfriendly, so this was in itself, an important moment- had not dropped off the TruGreen ticket- I wouldn't have even known we had missed the final treatment.  They have called to remind me they are arriving on Monday November 1st.  I suggested my husband sit in a lawn chair out there waving them onto the property.

I have two loads of laundry to do today.  I don't think I have two loads of writing for the Washing Machine Pages.  I will have to find something else to do while the machine goes about it's business.  But still be in the room.  I could wind floss onto paddles.

But actually what I think I want to do is sit quietly after taking a few Tylenol. My head hurts.  My teeth hurt.  My tongue hurts from "worrying" my teeth and from drinking way too hot coffee.  I burned my mouth and tongue on that gulp of coffee.

It's best I just sit quietly and do nothing.  But definitely take the Tylenol.

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